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 Choosing a Bon Jovi Tribute Band



Why write a blog on how to choose a Bon Jovi tribute band i hear you ask. Is it not as straight forward as just picking one at the right price? If you asked someone experienced in the workings of the entertainment industry, the answer would be definitely not! As entertainment agencies do, if you want to ensure your evening's entertainment is not a disappointment or worse still, an embarrassment, you have to look further than hundreds of likes on a band's Facebook page or a dirt cheap price. 


Firstly, bands have different levels of skill, experience and effort expended in presentation. You do not always get what you pay for. There are tribute artists who really do very closely physically resemble the artist they are paying tribute to, sometimes so much so that clients will after a night of drunken fun falsely remember the tribute as "sounding just like the real thing." Some people don't see past "the look", even if the artist's peers regard them as a musical joke. 


You then have bands who will make an effort with their presentation, such as paying close attention to hairstyles, stage clothes, stage props, etc, but will make getting the music right a priority. My Bon Jovi tribute band, Bon Jovie, falls into this category. Unlike some other bands, we do make sure that the presentation is as correct as we can physically make it. We for example don't have one band member sporting the latest look while another is wearing stage clothes and has a haircut from 18 years ago. This might sound obvious, but even some of the better known and better paid tributes can be guilty of this. 


Last but not least you have the type of band whose presentation could be a lot better, don't actually sound like the artist they are paying tribute to any more than your average pub cover band, and who travel from one end of the country to the other to perform in a pub. On first glance, someone might think that this type of band should be applauded for their dedication and love of music, and that perhaps they are willing to travel across the country to perform in a pub for peanuts for love of the music. The reality is more likely that they are doing this because they believe it will help establish themselves on the tribute circuit. On the other hand, my band for example would not perform in your average small pub because we would not be able to use the equipment we would like to use or perform our show for customers to the best of our ability due to lack of space!  It shouldn't be all about the money.


Playing in pubs where Joe Public can just walk in for free also undermines the agents who these bands work for and the music venues who book them. Why?.....that's a simple answer. How can an agent or music venue ask for £xxxx when the potential client knows that a particular tribute band can be seen for free in the pub down the road? This shows the band to simply be interested in their own gains and perhaps to not have the desire to give customers the very best show they can possibly put on for them. 


So, to ensure you have a great night's entertainment, you have to dig a little deeper, see where bands are performing and where they have performed before. A band such as my Bon Jovi tribute band, which has performed overseas many times will obviously be of a certain standard as you cannot hide poor quality for too long in this business. You then have to decide what is more important to you, "the look" or the sound......preferably a good mixture of both, with good manners, professional attitude and at a fair price. Hey.....what a coincidence.....i just described my band.     :)