2019 News

Check out our singer's original, melodic rock band, Black Light Halo. It is Bon Jovi inspired but has its own flavour. www.blacklighthalo.co.uk

2015 News 

The band is currently rehearsing new songs for the 2015 part of our ongoing JD Syndicate Tour. The new songs, which are mainly a mixture of classic Jovi hits as well as album tracks, are sounding great!

2014 was a blast! We covered a lot of miles and met lots of new friends all over the UK, as well as in France, Belgium and Azerbaijan.

We can't wait to take our new, tongue in cheek show out on the road and see what this new year brings. Where will we get to this year? What will we get up to? Can we rock more than last year? Actually, thats a no brainer!......come and see for yourself at one of upcoming shows.


2014 News

So far 2014 has been good to Bon Jovie. We bought a new little tour bus, a new PA system, got ourselves a new sound engineer(welcome aboard Dan!) and put together a new show.

We have so far found a few new great venues which we shall revisit later on in the year, made some new friends, travelled a lot of miles and had a lot of laughs on the road!

We are heading off to France and Germany for some shows at the start of May, and this will be followed up by some more shows in Europe during the summer. There has also been talk of some festival shows in Europe and some in Dubai at the end of the year, so things are looking good for the band.       :)


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"Its ridiculous, you sound  more like
   Jon Bon Jovi than he does!"

Justin Byrne -- UAE promoter.


"Bon Jovie last night were brilliant,
   a sold out night with an electric
atmostphere! Thank you Bon Jovie
      you were totally awesome.”

Manager -- Oake Manor Golf Club.

 "Bon Jovie rocked our summer
 festival,  the ultimate professionals
 from start to finish,  an absolute
must have any for any event.
They have the ability to create an
electric  atmosphere and get the
crowd singing  their hearts out"

Festival organiser -- Army Foundation College Harrogate.



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