Bon Jovi Tribute Short Promo Video

This is our tribute band "Bon Jovie" rehearsing for our JD Syndicate Tour with sunglasses and everything. Train like we gonna play the game!    The recording is mixed with video footage from gigs and travel throughout the UK and overseas just to give you a flavour of what we are about. We are aware that there are some things which could be done better, but we have chosen not to fix these things in order to keep the recording live.


Bon Jovi Tribute Band Video 2

This is a short promo video consisting of footage from various concerts. Some of the video footage was filmed by members of the audience, hence the lesser quality.  The audio was recorded live at Westside Community Centre in Basingstoke via a Presonus digital mixing desk.

 We hope this video gives you a flavour of what this band is about. We do not claim to be the best Bon Jovi tribute band, and we have never shared a stage with Jon Bon Jovi, his grandmother, or his pool boy. We do however claim to be the Bon Jovi tribute band which will make you laugh the hardest and sing the loudest. 




 Bon Jovi Tribute UK Video 3

This short clip is a good example of a job well done. We came to town, we entertained, the audience appreciated our performance and let their hair down, we had a laugh........and they sang their hearts out. 











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"Its ridiculous, you sound  more like
   Jon Bon Jovi than he does!"

Justin Byrne -- UAE promoter.


"Bon Jovie last night were brilliant,
   a sold out night with an electric
atmostphere! Thank you Bon Jovie
      you were totally awesome.”

Manager -- Oake Manor Golf Club.

 "Bon Jovie rocked our summer
 festival,  the ultimate professionals
 from start to finish,  an absolute
must have any for any event.
They have the ability to create an
electric  atmosphere and get the
crowd singing  their hearts out"

Festival organiser -- Army Foundation College Harrogate.



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