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Bon Jovie was created in 2005, although some of its members have performed with one Bon Jovi tribute or another since 1999. Bon Jovie tribute band members have a wealth of experience as performers, having shared a stage with well known chart topping bands, toured throughout the UK, in Europe, and as far as the middle east. Venues have included music venues, theatres, festivals and some of the world's largest cruise ships. The band's tongue in cheek show is delivered with a truckload of humour.

The band's frontman, widely regarded as the best JBJ sound-a-like, first performed a tribute to the New Jersey rock legends on national TV show 'Stars in Their Eyes' in 1996. The connection with Bon Jovi has continued over the years to even include recording an album of original songs, which was produced by JBJ's cousin, producer Tony Bongiovi. A performance
 on "Garden State Of mind", an album paying tribute to New Jersey music artists, prompted American producer Nick Clemente to comment "a note for note take on Bon Jovi's anthemic Livin' on a Prayer."


This Bon Jovi tribute band boasts a high standard of musicianship, partly earned from many years of gigging experience. Most Bon Jovi tribute bands on the tribute band scene take themselves a litle too seriously. They all claim to be the universe's "no 1 Bon Jovi tribute band." Bon Jovie simply sweat blood on stage to do the most important thing a Bon Jovi tribute band should do........entertain! If the crowd sings more than us, our job as a Bon Jovi tribute is done.      :)

 Below is a video of the band performing live at Rockprest festival in Preston, UK on the 4th July 2015. The video was recorded by a member of the audience, so please excuse the sound, etc.     :)




Bon Jovi Tribute Band Show

The band perform a wide variety of songs, including all the classic hits such as 'Livin' on a Prayer' and 'Always' as well as some album tracks and fan favourites. A huge effort is made to set the scene and provide the audience with a good atmosphere. The band use some professionally made stage clothes and even some of the same instruments as used by the real band.


 The live Bon Jovi tribute show captures the Bon Jovi feel good factor, the fun, the energy, the ability to make an audience sing louder than they ever have done before. The band's show is not about looking cool on stage or being the best musicians on the planet. The whole focus is on making sure the audience enjoys a great night out. "Its not about us, its all about you."


Past Clients and Work

While some of the Bon Jovie band members have been part of, or performed with one Bon Jovi tribute band or another since 1999, the band was created in 2005. Since then, the band has performed in a wide range of venues such as rock bars, clubs, theatres, festivals, and has been contracted for military and corporate gigs.


 Previous clients & work include:

Harley Davidson, ANS TV, Carlsberg, Land Rover, Chicago Rock cafes, Jumpin Jaks, Warner Hotels, ITT Cannon, and Her Majesty's Armed Forces, to name but a few.


Booking related information


Bon Jovie's equipment is pat tested.

The band hold £10,000,000 of public liability insurance.

The band can supply a modern, powerful but compact PA system based around top quality EV speakers and a Presonus digital mixing desk.

A lightshow to compliment the Bon Jovi Tribute performance can be supplied to suit any venue.

Band backdrops and stage dressings are also provided to enhance the audience experience.

The band is available for bookings worldwide and have their own air conditioned tour bus for bookings within a certain distance in Europe.



To book Bon Jovie please visit our Contact page for details.






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"Its ridiculous, you sound  more like
   Jon Bon Jovi than he does!"

Justin Byrne -- UAE promoter.


"Bon Jovie last night were brilliant,
   a sold out night with an electric
atmostphere! Thank you Bon Jovie
      you were totally awesome.”

Manager -- Oake Manor Golf Club.

 "Bon Jovie rocked our summer
 festival,  the ultimate professionals
 from start to finish,  an absolute
must have any for any event.
They have the ability to create an
electric  atmosphere and get the
crowd singing  their hearts out"

Festival organiser -- Army Foundation College Harrogate.



Bon Jovi tribute live show



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